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No one needed to convince my wife or me of the advantages of living in the Kentucky Lake area.  In 1981 we moved our young family to Marshall County (just north of Calloway County) after I accepted a job offer at one of the major chemical companies in Calvert City.  Over the next 18-1/2 years and three boats later we fell more and more in love with the Kentucky Lake lifestyle.  But things change and career opportunities dictated a couple of moves to other locales.  It was hard to make the first move not only because of leaving the area but also because we left a daughter and her family that has now grown to three grandsons behind.

Some of our close friends had previously moved away but we always stayed in touch and visited when opportunities arose.  One day not too long ago we got a phone call from one of those friends telling us about this new development in northeast Calloway County along the lake.  Not only that but they and our other good friends had actually purchased lots in Western Shores!  We were definitely intrigued but we were also familiar with many other subdivisions in the area that we knew did not meet our desires.  My wife enjoys subdivision living because neighbors who hopefully become friends are nearby.  I, on the other hand, have always wanted a home in the woods on a nice size piece of land near water.

After some serious consideration my wife contacted Western Shores and set up an appointment with Carolyn.  We arrived a little early so we could see the development for ourselves.  We already knew many areas were sold out but in general we were pleased with what we saw and agreed that there were some real possibilities to consider.  We stumbled across Lot 79 at the cul-de-sac at the end of Cliffwood Ln in The Estates II.  We immediately knew this was our choice but surely it had to be already sold or was priced out of our range.

We tried not to get our hopes too high when we stopped by Carolyn’s office and forced ourselves to be content and let Carolyn show us the offerings she had available that day.  After checking out a couple of nice lots Carolyn told us she had a special lot to show us.  Don’t you know that it turned out to be the same Lot 79 that we had fallen in love with earlier that day!  We tried to contain our exuberance because we still weren’t sure what it was priced at.  Being a cul-de-sac lot that backed up to the Nature Preserve it was a bit more expensive than some of the other lots but it was still reasonably priced.  Carolyn walked with us through the rain while we checked out this lot and a couple more to ensure that we had done our due diligence, guiding us along at our own pace.

Upon returning to the sales cabin, we reviewed the terms of sale and POA covenants and restrictions.  There was no hard sell.  After patiently answering our questions, Carolyn gave us some time alone to make a decision.  We signed a contract that afternoon and have never looked back.  While we certainly don’t want to wish our lives away, we look forward to the day when we will once again be close to family, live within walking distance of old friends, and enjoy the Kentucky Lake lifestyle.

Bob and Patty Griffin

Kudos to Carolyn DiLoreto, Western Shores on Kentucky Lake, Broker/Land Consultant!  This amazing and knowledgeable young woman spent four hours Saturday, October 14th, driving my husband Jeff and me throughout Western Shores on Kentucky Lake showing us available lots, walking numerous properties, and patiently answering all of our questions.  Buying property was a new experience for us and not once did we ever feel pressured.  Carolyn was genuinely interested in making us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.  We look forward to a continued relationship with her as we are now happy, excited and very satisfied property owners of Lot 137!  Thank you Carolyn. Jeff and I  appreciate your many kindnesses extended to us that day and feel so blessed to have been recipients of your obvious expertise.

Susan Knickerbocker
Frankfort, Illinois

My exposure to the Western Shores development started in 2009 when my husband and I vacationed at Paradise Resort which is located very nearby. Guests that we met at the resort were attending a “sale” at a property site located in Western Shores and invited us to come along and experience the process. They mentioned that they had an appointment with a sales rep from your company during their stay. While we were fishing we also saw the “Western Shores on Kentucky Lake” advertising sign at the north dock and then saw the pavilion and docks at Sunrise Cove.

In 2010, I started seeing ads in The Chicago Tribune advertising “lots for sale” and “log cabin kits” these ads prompted me to make sure that I call and get an appointment to personally see the new community development when my husband and I were vacationing in September, 2010. We liked what we saw and bought ourselves a lovely lot in Western Shores near the pavilion.

Christine Ferenc - Zbrzezniak

Hey Carolyn,
Where do I begin? Becky and I first became aware of Western Shores via an internet search for lake property several weeks ago. Your website was attractive, informative and enticing. We originated a couple inquiries which prompted immediate responses from Western Shores. Eventually, curiosity got the best of us so we made contact with you and set up a mutually convenient time to view the property. The website is good but no substitute for actually touring Western Shores with a knowledgeable and patient representative such as yourself. There was no bait-and-switch, no high-pressure tactics, just good old-fashion nurturing of a prospective landowner. Less than a week passed by when Becky and I concluded, after exhaustive discussions, soul searching and prayer, that Western Shores was the place for us to retire in a couple years. Saying thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our appreciation for your conscientious efforts on our behalf. It was apparent from the beginning that you wanted only what was best for us. Purchase or not, we gained a new friend!  The rest is history. THANK YOU!

Charlie & Becky

Dear Marty & Carolyn,
The "SOLD" pictures turned out great. Thank you for sending them. You two have made my first property buying experience way easier than I thought it would be. I think I spent more time getting my last car. Thank you both for an awesome experience.

Daniel Walker
Fort Campbell, KY

Greg Hines was a great rep. for your company.He went out of his way to help me get the deal I needed to afford the high quality lake front lot. Without working with me and understanding our dream, we would never have purchased a lot. There were no high pressure sales tactics used, and he followed up with us repeatedly during the closing process to help facilitate with the bank. He even called me when I was sick to see how I was doing. I made a friend in the process and that's a great thing. I would personally recommend your company to anyone. YOU GUYS DID A GREAT JOB.

Larry & Sandy Serritelli

We're back from our little trip now and I just wanted to write to say "Thanks" to you and everyone for the nice get together on Saturday, June 12. It was a good way to meet some of our neighbors as well as some prospective contractors, and the food was excellent too.  Everything was very nicely orchestrated and it all made for a very nice day.  We weren't fortunate enough to win any of the prizes, but that is always the luck of the draw anyway, so we didn't mind.  We wouldn't have been able to get the "water toys" back home with us anyway, so I guess it was all for the best.

We definitely enjoy seeing the Southland Log Cabin model too, and it made us all the more excited to think of our own home being completed someday and living where we are surrounded with so much natural beauty.

Thanks again for all the work everyone put into this very pleasant event.

Donna & Phil Rodeghiero

Dear Alonzo,

CD and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you did for us in our quest to find Kentucky Lake property.  We had an appointment scheduled to meet with you on Saturday, April 24.  We arrived late afternoon on Friday, April 23 and decided to take a ride to the property to "scope it out". 

We met a couple at the pond that lived a few blocks from Western Shores on their own private property.  They could not say enough wonderful things about the developer and called the whole operation "1st class".  They had lived close to the development since its' inception, and had watched Western Shores grow into a very special community.

 Alonzo, we were so happy we had you as our salesperson.  You were professional, knowledgeable and a whole lot of fun to be around.  In spite of the rain we encountered, we were given a very extensive tour of the property and with your help felt we were able to purchase property that was perfect for us.  We agree with the couple we met the night before;  Western Shores is certainly a 1st class operation.  Alonzo, thank you for all your help; we couldn't have done it without you.

CD and Jan

Western Shores on Kentucky LakeHi Nick,

I received your call today. I'll be looking for my fed ex package. I absolutely LOVE the community. I wish I could move now. Thank you so much for setting me up with Carolyn and then Marty. I am waiting to hear from my banker to get the $ for the closing. I can't say it enough... I love it love it love it. I've been looking for the last 8 years and although my son kept telling me what I told him to tell me "don't let me sign anything " " I need to sleep on it" I knew I had to have that piece of land so close to the north shore of the lake. I'm calling it paradise, because it is. Please keep me posted on any other specials in the future. I would love my sister to build on  a spot there too.

Thanks again so much. You are wonderful. Nothing worse than a pushy salesman and you were not at all. And Marty did a great job too - but I did let him know I wanted to make sure you got the "credit". Can't wait to drive down there again and check out my "future home".  Let me know and again thank you soooooo much.

Thanks again! 

Cathy Kotrba
Burlington, Wisconsin

I would like to thank Alonzo Guess, Mark Doetzer, Cree Ham, Todd Montgomery, and all the Western Shore employees for not only promptly answering all of my questions regarding the purchase of a lot in the Peninsula, but also for making a dream come true. You see, I come from a middle class family. My father worked three jobs for twenty five years so we could live in a nice neighborhood and so he could send his four sons to private grammar school, high school, and college. Our infrequent family vacations started when I was fourteen years old and consisted of a two week vacation to Lake of the Woods in Sioux Narrows, Ontario, Canada. Today my father has cancer. He has good days and bad days. I wanted to find a lake similar to Lake of the Woods within five hours drive from Chicago. Kentucky Lake, with its vastness of over 160,000 acres, is that lake. I feel extremely lucky to purchase a piece of secluded paradise which was held in private hands for over fifty years and unavailable for purchase. With God’s will, hopefully in the not too distant future, I will be fishing on Kentucky Lake with my father and while we’re waiting for the next fish to bite, I can look at my father and say, '' Thanks dad, thanks for all you have done!"

Michael Seiser, C.P.D.

Western Shores on Kentucky LakeCarolyn DiLoreto was the best representative we have ever worked with purchasing real estate. Her professionalism and extensive experience in dealing with people made the difference in our decision to purchase at Western Shores. Thank you, Carolyn you have made our experience in purchasing property for our retirement home very pleasant and we look forward to a long friendship.  If you are interested in purchasing property at Western Shores, Call Carolyn and tell her “Joe Sent You!” 

 Joe and Linda Cardone - Bloomingdale, Il

Western Shores on Kentucky LakeOur experience with Carolyn DiLoreto was great! We met with Carolyn on a Thursday which they don’t normally do, but she was willing to make the appointment with us which I though was very nice on her part. She took her time and showed us around and answered all of our questions. We felt very comfortable dealing with Carolyn. We finally picked the parcel that my husband and even my 12 year old son liked. The area is breathtaking and we are very happy to be a part of the community.

The Davis Family

Christian and Florina DonoviciMy wife and I would like to express our appreciation for Marty's exceptional support throughout the process of selection and purchase of our first vacation property. Since we never before considered buying a vacation property, were not sure what to look for or what questions to ask. Therefore, we found it very helpful that you not only answered our questions but got involved in finding the best financing options and even assisted us with the travel arrangements down to beautiful Kentucky Lake. We fell in love with the place from the moment we arrived there and the fact that you dedicated an entire Saturday to show us the development and answer our questions helped us make the right decision. In the end, our trip to Kentucky Lake felt not only like a business trip but more like a short vacation.  Thank you Marty for working with us and making the entire process a remarkably pleasant experience!

Christian and Florina Donovici

Gene Nolan & SonHey Alonzo,

It was a pleasure to meet you again. My son is very happy with his lot selection. The trip back was good. We beat the the bad weather. Thanks for all the info. As time goes by I'm sure I'll have a few more questions. Here is the picture of lot 55 with me and my son. Take care & great job again.

Gene Nolan

After extensive search for lake property in Missouri and Illinois, we fell in love with Western Shores during our first visit.  We canceled our appointment with a Realtor for the following day in another area of Kentucky.

We are impressed with the way Western Shores is designed. Paved roads and underground utilities are in place. There was no high-pressure sales involved; as the land and development sold itself.

Another selling point was the beautiful trees and the free boat slip. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Leslie Manning went out of her way to obtain answers to our questions, even after we purchased the property. John Oliphant, spent a lot of time with us answering questions, offering suggestions, and resolving an issue that was required for us to close on the lot.  Bob Bork offered several suggestions and helpful information.

We are well into the construction of our home at Western Shores, and can not wait to move there.

Teresa and Dave

Thank you very much Nick for helping us find and purchase our dream property on Kentucky Lake. You were one of the main reasons we took the time to fly to Kentucky and visit Western Shores. Your professionalism and knowledge of the development was key in our decision to look at the development. And yes, you do have a good product to offer your buyers but unlike most salespersons, you took the time to talk with us and determine exactly the type and location of property we wanted before we made the trip. You then concentrated on finding that particular piece of land and did not waste time looking at those that did not meet our criteria.  In addition, after the sale your followed up and made sure that we were getting the best available financing as well as always being available for all of the little questions that come up after the sale, especially from someone like me (ha). And if you weren't sure of the answer, you always found out and returned a call to me providing full details. That was very much appreciated.

To sum this up, Myra and I are very happy with our small piece of paradise on Kentucky Lake and can hardly wait to make our selection of floor plans and start the construction. We are looking forward to waking up in the morning and having that view that most people only dream of. We just wanted to say THANKS !

Hope to see you again soon and having you as a guest in our home when it is finished.

Larry and Myra Lockhart
Cypress Texas

Marty Diloreto, Manager

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